n o u r h a r k a t i  &  a y t ma

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Two years ago, I released an album that I’ve composed in Berlin, but produced in Paris, This album didn’t take a chance to get signed.
I released it on my own, independently from the music industry.

I went back to my hometown Tunis,Tunisia and worked on a great collaboration with Aytma, talented Tunisian musicians.

Freshly moved to New York City, and obviously looking for other music experiences, but in the meantime, I’m trying to give to this album a second chance to stay alive or maybe to re-born.

This Album is Called « The Shift »

Toura is sung in “Bambara » which, in Moroccan Gnawa culture, has evolved to be a mixture of several sub-Saharan African languages, but is presently spoken or understood by no-one.
The early days of slavery in Morocco, slaves would find ways to sing songs in their native language in locations where they might be heard by a relative or loved one, from whom they’ve been separated, in hopes of reuniting with them. I made this Version inspired by Innov Gnawa, Moroccan Gnawa Band based in NYC.

 Tribute to Gnawa Culture.